Top 10 athletes who own private jets, 3 footballers rule!

Top 10 athletes who own private jets, 3 footballers rule!

01. Cristiano Ronaldo

Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo owns a €19million (£13.5million) Gulfstream G200 business jet which he uses to fly around the world on his marketing missions.

02. Magic Johnson

Johnson owns a Gulfstream G-III that has been at the center of some of his biggest business deals.

03. David Beckham

As one of the most marketable footballers in the world, it should come as little surprise that Beckham has a private plane at his disposal. Beckham’s Learjet was initially purchased to ease his frequent travel between his overseas playing commitments and his US-based family.

04. Floyd Mayweather

When your self-applied nickname is “Money” and you bill yourself as the head of an entourage known as “The Money Team,” it is not too hard to figure out what motivates you. As one of the wealthiest athletes in professional sports, Mayweather is not shy about showing off the spoils of his boxing success, which includes two private jets worth an estimated $40 million each.

05. Michael Jordan

There would be no mistaking Michael Jordan’s jet as belonging to anyone else, as the Gulfstream IV features a Carolina Blue color scheme that includes the iconic “Jumpman” logo on the tail. The jet’s call sign, N236MJ, features Jordan’s initials, his uniform number and the number of NBA titles he won as a player. The customized jet can reach a speed over 500 knots and is powered by dual Rolls-Royce engines.

06. Phil Mickelson

As one of the best golfers of his generation, it is no surprise that Mickelson’s career earnings and endorsement deals have allowed him to live a life of luxury that includes a spacious estate in Rancho Santa Fe, California worth over $7 million. Like many other golfers, Mickelson’s demanding PGA Tour schedule led him to buy a Gulfstream jet worth $60 million that is equipped with a pair of Rolls-Royce engines. Up to 14 passengers can enjoy Internet access, TV and media players while traveling on Mickelson’s private jet.

07. Michael Schumacher

The 7th time Formula One World Champion spent some of his career earnings on a Falcon 200 private jet. The Falcon 200 seats nine passengers and tops out around 460 knots while boasting luxury accommodations that include a full galley. The jet cost Schumacher approximately $22 million, which is somehow more expensive than the $7 million man-made island that was given to the driver as a retirement gift from the crown prince of Dubai.

08. Alex Rodriguez

Dominican-American former professional baseball shortstop and third baseman is one of the athletes who owns a private jet.

09. Sergio Garcia

One of the best golfers to never win a major championship, Garcia’s career earnings have nonetheless enabled him to buy a private jet to fly him from tournament to tournament in style and comfort. Garcia’s Hawker 850 provides a spacious cabin suitable for up to eight passengers and can cruise at a top speed of nearly 450 knots.

10. Neymar

The young Brazilian footballer spent a reported $10 million on his private jet, which he has used for a variety of purposes beyond just traveling to and from his football-related responsibilities. Neymar once sent a private jet to pick a girlfriend, reality star Soraja Vucelic  up to visit him in Barcelona after the pair met in Ibiza

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